Simple, precise, and awesome vector icons.

Symbolicons have become an insider favorite among discerning designers and savvy developers worldwide, being used in various capacities by notable companies, such as a recently acquired filter-based photo sharing service, an Apple Design Award winner, and on, where much of their show artwork incorporates these slick and sophisticated elements of digital design.

All glyphs in the core sets have a consistent weight and are styled to visually match one another, so using Symbolicons makes user interfaces and designs feel cohesive and intentional. They're pixel-perfect and retina-ready--ideal for use in app development for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. And that's not all! Symbolicons can be used pretty much anywhere to add flavor and style to your designs, from websites to infographics. With four distinct sets and nearly 1,000 icons available, you're sure to find what you're looking for. And if not, hey, the sets are always expanding with free updates to past purchasers.

Symbolicons are also available as a semantic icon font.